stars is the internal product of the company itself. Hence, there is no specific client, but it is deemed for a wide range of users, the segmentaion can only be limited geographically which is Ukraine for now. However, it soon will get broader to other regions as well. The product serves its B2C and B2B clients as well. Companies can be registered on the website, and companies can also hire the candidates they need.


Bodia is a service for all kind of users to quickly search for companies, employees, real estate, buying and selling goods in their town.



1. Convenient. The site is being improved to make the use of it even better. It is always upgraded with new features and useful. The schedule of minibuses, taxis, cafes, restaurants, schools, pharmacies, hotels, equipment repairs, contacts of the city authorities and much more can be found on Bodia.


2. The information is regularly updated and supplemented. It has gone through 2 design iterations and expanded to the whole Ukraine (is to be expanded aborad as well).Continuously evolving based on user behavior and requirements.


3. Available. If you have any problems using the site, you can contact Bodea's support service by phone or write a message. The support service on weekdays and weekends is always ready to help and resolve your issue.






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