Help to my hometown Borispol

10 березня 2022 р. 765 Ukraine

As the head of the IT company DTeam and a deputy of the City Council in the city of Boryspil, I am responsible both for the wellbeing of the company team and of citizens. Because of the Russian invasion, our usual life completely changed. People's safety appeared to be under threat, so I had to solve several humanitarian issues.


My first priority was to eliminate all the risks connected with the functioning of the company. I wanted to provide my employees with a secure and stable job during this period. At first, I needed to move them out of dangerous areas. We transported our staff and provided them with dwellings and workspaces in safe areas.



After organizing the transportation, I concentrated on my duties as a deputy on the Boryspil City Council. People require governmental help with food and humanitarian issues. Therefore, I initiated the production of bread. With the help of local bakers, we organized the distribution of food to those who suffered from Russian war aggression. To avoid a humanitarian crisis, we needed to protect vulnerable city dwellers. Our team provided people with all the things needed to continue a normal life throughout the tough period.


I was shocked when I found out what's going on in cities that are currently under Russian siege. Innocent citizens must receive the maximum possible support from the local government.


One of the critical issues was the supply of medications. People who have chronic diseases such as diabetes need sustained access to all the necessary medicaments. Thus, with the support of my team, I organized medication supplies for them. In our help centers, people can now receive the medications they require.


The next problem was with electricity. The russian occupants created a threat to the availability of power supplies. Several Ukrainian cities suffer from blackouts. This issue badly affects city administration systems, banks and hospitals. Together with City Council workers, we decided to prevent a power outage before the issue would undermine city life. The best option was to organize the procurement of power generators. This equipment has been installed in support centers where citizens may receive food and help.


We care about our citizens. My experience showed that people are the most valuable thing, both in a company and in a city. That’s why I will do everything possible to provide needed humanitarian aid to all who need it.


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