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Building Energy

Building Energy is a global company operating as a Global Integrated IPP in the field of renewable energy, producing electricity from renewable energy sources.
BuildingEnergy also develops, designs, builds and operates projects.
About 130 full-time employees work in the company.
BuildingEnergy owns a diversified portfolio of renewable energy assets, including solar, energy storage, wind, biomass, and hydropower.

Globally, the United Nations has announced the gradual transition of the world to renewable energy sources, so this line of business is of great importance in the world.

Team 5

Tech stack

Angular, Django


Needed a power consumption calculator tool.


The first stage was immersion in the specifics of the business and the goals that were set before our team.
We carefully collected the project requirements, trying to choose the optimal project path.
Next, we built a great electricity consumption calculator based on AngularJS, ElasticSearch, GeoCoder API, and Django DRF.
After the completion of our work, the client set new tasks, both on the frontend (design and functionality) and on the backend.
For some time, we took part in the administration of tasks on the website.

Building Energy

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