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GolfBevy is a mobile app that makes it easy for golfers to find a game on public or private courses with their friends.

Traditionally, golf is most popular in English-speaking countries.
It is an expensive and prestigious sport for professional athletes and recreation for business representatives.

However, in recent years, the popularity of golf around the world is growing rapidly.

Team 4

Tech stack

Python, PostgreSQL


It was necessary to develop a user-friendly mobile application with an attractive design for golfers.


We have created a mobile application for golfers with a very high-quality design and convenient functionality.
The next step was to create a website.

The main elements of the mobile application:

1. Home page.
2. Finding a golf club where you can play.
3. Database of publications about golf clubs and golf in general.
4. Search game. The ability to see the presence of your golfing friends and set up your own. The same golfers can arrange a game with you.
5. Communication with friends and golf partners right in the application.
6. Enjoying the application, game, and communication.



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