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Job Minister

Job Minister is a job search site.

Connects professionals seeking employment, career opportunities, and outreach events with potential employers, career development offices, and educational institutions.

In today's global job market, there is a lot of competition between platforms that are beneficial to both companies and job seekers. Such platforms must meet the following criteria:

1. Information security
2. Efficiency and price of services
3. Simplicity and ease of use
4. Experience with platform specialists
5. Volume of the customer base
6. Information processing speed
7. Relevance of information
8. The possibility of using not only the web platform but also the mobile application

Team 2

Tech stack

Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Redis, Celery, Linode, SASS, Sentry


The client requested to update the functionality and design of the webportal.


In the first stage, our team updated the design and functionality of the site. In the second stage, the client invited us to significantly expand the capabilities of the portal.

We have provided support for the site for a long time.
It is very gratifying to receive such feedback from satisfied customers: "Internal stakeholders were satisfied throughout the entire period of involvement in the project.

The DTEAM team maintains a great communication style complemented by innovative ideas.”

Job Minister

Job Minister

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