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ObtainCare is a service provider platform - from healthcare to car care and everything in between.
You can find the best service provider in your area without leaving the house.

You can invite your friends and choose your favorite suppliers as a user. After the appointment, you can put your tariff and review it.
As a provider, you can choose which type of provider is suitable - an individual or a company.

All information about the user Provider can be found on the Provider toolbar (personal information, tariff, ensure awards, specialized, contacts, etc.)

Team 8

Tech stack

Angular, PostgreSQL, Python


Develop a platform for services to performers and customers in their city and district.


We have developed a cool online platform (using modern technologies) for providers and customers of a wide range of services.
The development was done using Agile.
The project was implemented on time.
After the completion of the project, we administered the platform for a long time and added new modules to the system.
The platform is convenient for marketing purposes and SEO.
We also achieved our goals based on feedback from the client's marketers.


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