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Business Process Management System/Tool. This tool is for anyone responsible for any part of the administration of any line (sphere) of business.

One source for compliance. New laws, regulations, and sub-regulatory guidance are identified and automatically uploaded to your dashboard.

Alerts to your inbox. Online team collaboration. Tracking and documentation of activities.

Team 7

Tech stack

Python, Django, PostgreSQL


It was necessary to develop a convenient tool for business.


Alerts when new laws pass
Daily Updates. Compliance tasks are automatically created as new laws, regulations, and other regulatory guidance are issued.

Streamline compliance process
Enhance collaboration. Assign compliance assessments/tasks and maintain all communications and documentation in a single channel.

Compliance dashboard
Automated tracking. Sort compliance tasks, including by topic, jurisdiction, compliance date, adopted date, and who it has been assigned too.

Line of business identification
Know applicability. Know if a new law or regulation applies to your line of business - Fully insured commercial, self-insured, Medicare, Medicaid, etc.

Specific to the PBM industry
Save time. No more weeding through bills and regulations that are not relevant to your business. No more searching the internet for subregulatory guidance.

Robust summaries
Understand requirements. Robust summaries of new requirements are provided by topic, allowing them to be easily understood and assigned for compliance assessment.


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