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SANOCLOUD is a cloud-based healthcare provider that supports HIPAA, NIST, and BAA protocols.

This is due to our inability to find a single provider of cloud services for healthcare, because we have to work with Amazon, Google, and Azure cloud services many times and have to pay huge amounts of money for both monthly usage fees and expensive specialist time to manage them.

This led to the development and implementation of our solution, which we call Sanocloud.
Having had to build and run our own NIST-compliant HIPAA cloud at our subsidiary for over 9 years, we understand the gap in the market and the underlying need that had to be had.

Team 2

Tech stack

Python, Django, Angular


The client asked us to complete the platform in the field of health care.


We proposed and implemented effective modules for the health cloud service provider system.

The work was done using Python, Django.
Working with HIPAA compliance was very important to us, and we already had experience with it.

And as a result, the desired feedback received from the client: "The team followed excellent coding standards, delivered results on time and offered valuable advice.

They quickly understood internal goals, allowing them to effectively collaborate with internal stakeholders. Their quick responses were a highlight."



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