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SoWash is an online store selling oral care irrigators at home. This is a standard online store, but sometimes simplicity equals efficiency.

Creating an online store is a normal routine process.
But in our company, the approach to each client is individual.
Before starting the work, we carefully collected the requirements for the project and researched the market of competitors and users.

After all, it is important for us that our work solves the client's business problem as much as possible.

Team 2

Tech stack

Python, Django


The client asked us to create an online store for the sale of dental care products from scratch.


We created the site in a short period. It is simple, user-friendly, and attractively designed.

All nuances were taken into account so that the site worked quickly and was SEO-friendly.

And as a result, this is a satisfied customer: "The results were delivered on time and met the expectations of the internal team.
DTEAM ensures a smooth workflow through effective communication and collaboration. The team is hardworking, purposeful, and attentive."


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