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TRC is a Boryspil city news website.
If you live in a small town, you hear almost all the news around you.

Therefore, there was a need to create a site for the city of Boryspil, where all information would be collected in one place.

That's how we created this web portal. Of course, similar services already exist, but we made our solution more convenient and with up-to-date information.

Team 2

Tech stack

Python, Django


Create a website with useful information for residents of Boryspil. Information had to be updated in real-time.


Initially, a website with news in the city of Boryspil was developed.

It is made in such a way that it is convenient for users to navigate and quickly search for all the necessary information.

But then we realized that it would be useful to add more functionality.
So, now there is additional information about the protection of the state border, the situation with СOVID-19 infection in the region, the safety of the lives of residents, and the work of the city council.

There is integration with social networks, switching to popular online stores, and much more.


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