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Web development in Python

This is an excellent choice for beginners, yet still remains a major tool for maintaining apps and other products of Microsoft, NASA, Instagram, and other giants.

In 2003, Python was included in the top ten most popular programming languages to learn. According to statistics, it entered the TOP 5 in 2019. And although its possibilities are endless from machine learning to hardware programming, we will tell you about the use of Python language in web development.



Most often, developers choose this language to run unique server-side apps. While a web framework is not required for this, they often use existing open-source libraries which greatly speed up products.

Please note that this programming language is not used in any browser (Firefox, Chrome, Opera). They are equipped with JavaScript which is often used by programmers in combination with Python.

Understanding how Python is used in Web development won’t be enough. You need to know the basics on which the web is built including HTML, JavaScript, as well as Apache architectures.



To make sure Python is a great choice, just look at its benefits:


Rich libraries: the standard library contains a huge amount of pre-written code which saves time on basic things.

Visually present: data presented in charts and graphs does not seem difficult for beginners, which also simplifies the creation of reports.

Easy rules and terms: web development in Python is the easiest to learn compared to other languages. It is devoid of complex rules/terms and its flexibility provides high returns.

Program verification: Because of Python’s wide accessibility, it is easy to verify that its program works without errors. He can even create prototype/s for code testing.

Flexibility: Since the structure is not specific, this programming language easily creates advanced combinations with other programs and languages (JavaScript, for example).




The ecosystem and the number of structures available work for Python. Before figuring out where is Python used in web development, you should study its frameworks. The biggest benefit is that the developer can detach himself from existing modules and create an individual server-side.

The truth is that frameworks and their modules perform different functions. It is important to study and identify the ones that best suit your goals.


What are Web frameworks and how to use them?

Any web framework is a toolkit with specific packages and modules. Its main component is a pre-written standardized code. In addition to simplifying and speeding up development, it makes your applications and programs reliable and quality.

Experts use Python web frameworks in the back-end for server-side technology. These tools help in URL routing, as well as HTTP improving web security. In short, you can develop complex and heavy apps in a short time.


Popular Python Web frameworks

How to choose a framework for the use of Python language in web development? Well, it depends on your goals and the complexity of the project. There are four popular tools to help you master web development at a high level by offering your customers a quality product. We’ve reviewed all of them below.



This language will help you build a wide variety of web database apps, GPS tasks, chatbots, etc. While working, you use the “Don’t Repeat Yourself” solution that speeds up coding by reusing the written code.

Its modular/decoupled architecture allows you to harmlessly remove and/or add any code components in a matter of seconds. Thanks to “Object-Relational Mapping”, Django can work with two or more databases at the same time.



As a microframework, Flask senses a lack of many elements, so it is not on par with the performance of the full-stack frameworks like a previous one. This means you cannot use authentication or a template engine but it has Restful request dispatching, build-int dev server, and other options.

However, it is still a popular solution for Python use in web development. The philosophy of Flask is that you get the elements you need to build your design app. Libraries and various extensions are added as you code.



This highly scalable framework is suitable for developing web projects of any complexity. Following the popular MVC model, the TurboGears module divides the web application into three parts (controller, view, and model). If you’re wondering how to do web development in Python, take advantage of TurboGears features like authorization, caching, session management, and so on.



It is something between Django and Flask while remaining flexible because it does not force programmers to take a specific approach to develop front-end solutions. By using external libraries to connect to the storage (or databases) Pyramid will provide you with authentication and URL routing support. Also, you can use any plugin that you find in this module due to which each task gets several solutions.





The use of this programming language is gaining in 2020. This popularity is largely due to the huge variety of libraries. To choose one of them, you need to analyze your future product. Determine its complexity, set of options, functionality, and desired quality. Then simply select one of the Python libraries we have described in the following sections.


What are libraries for web development?

Python use in web development becomes easier and faster when developers use libraries – collections of useful solutions and options that minimize code usage. These days 137.000 libraries make the everyday life of programmers easier.

These sets can include values or type specifications, help data, configuration data, and other solutions for the website. Accordingly, they are important enough for creating new apps.


Popular Python libraries

Each such library offers a set of solutions for a particular problem, minimizing the use of code. Surely, some are more in demand than others, that’s why programmers setup them up often. We hope our brief reviews will help you make the right choice!



It isn’t an object-oriented library since Scrapy was originally intended to develop and clean up scanning programs. Nowadays, it has a wider application in different areas of programming. You can use automated testing or data mining if your product requires it.



Miserlou created Zappa to easily develop and run new server-less apps on “Amazon Web Services Lambda” and “API Gateway”. There is no timeout. Why? This is because AWS always handles horizontal scaling automatically.



You can make use of Python language in web development much easier with the popular Request library. It is licensed under Apache2 and allows programmers to keep working with multiple languages. For example, you’re able to string manually to your URLs, as well as send the HTTP requests to servers.



This popular library handles all tasks when it comes to data visualization. Built on top of Flask, Dash contains solutions for dashboards, graphs, and charts. This will help you analyze your work and make changes if required.




Although there are 500+ programming languages in the world, StackOverflow recognizes Python as one of the fastest-growing. In 2019, it even surpassed Java finishing second in the race.

The truth is that this language is popular not only among developers but also among major internet companies and resources. Moreover, experts use Python in any niche and environment because it is convenient, flexible, and versatile.



A popular social network has been using Python 3 on Django-Python architecture since 2017. The fast-growing platform has chosen Python use in web development for several reasons:

  • Practicality
  • Simple use
  • Variety of solutions for the most difficult tasks
  • Efficiency.

Instagram developers could focus on developing features that all users enjoy these days.



The company serves 75 billion listeners worldwide. First and foremost, the source needs Python for analyzing data. The music platform is a fan of the “Luigi” Python-based package that synchronizes with Hadoop. Luigi actively analyzes errors and collects data for their instant fixes.

Spotify wants Python to be the main language, so it provides big cash flow for its conferences and development.



What is Python used for in web development? It is used in many areas. For example, Disqus benefits from being built from scratch on the Django framework. It is a popular commentary plugin featured on 750,000 websites with a total of 35 million visitors.

Django, in this case, is working behind the scenes allowing Disqus to scale its app to serve so many customers. It is also involved with Disqus’ “Sentry” which collects error information.

Can Python be used in web development? Yes, and as you can see it has many pros! Not wasting time on new codes, you will speed up project development. But if you want the best result – contact DTEAM. As the leader in the development of Python products, our company offers many solutions and the best specialists embody all the wishes of our clients, regardless of the complexity of the tasks. By contacting us you can be sure of the high quality of the product and related client-side services.

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